June 2007

Don’t lose sight of the micro potential


Don't lose sight of the micro potential

There is an increasingly snobby attitude from some people towards small Aim companies. Read more

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Chelford supplies enterprise and supply chain software to a number of sectors, including manufacturing, distribution and financial services. Last year it was split into two reporting divisions: SAP and Chelford’s own software and IT services. Read more 'Chelford'

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Aim embraces clean technology companies

Aim is an increasingly important source of finance for clean technology (cleantech) companies and they are becoming a significant sub sector of Aim. The companies’ are spread over a number of stock market sectors - carbon credit traders are in the financial sector while others are included amongst industrial engineering or utilities. Read more 'Aim embraces clean technology companies'

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Three months and counting

There are less than three months to go before the 20th August deadline by which time Aim companies have to include a fully functioning investor relations section to their website. Many companies seem to be taking their time over complying with this new Aim regulation. Read more 'Three months and counting'

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Aim's long tail shortens

Dawnay Day, in a provocatively titled piece in its Aim Directory called the "dross", draws attention to the large number of tiny companies on Aim. It argues that Aim and the market’s participants need to worry about what is happening to these small companies especially as many have lost their way. Read more 'Aim's long tail shortens'

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Honeycombe Leisure

Honeycombe operates 100 managed pubs in the north of England, of which eight are owned by third parties to whom Honeycombe provides management services. Following the reversal of brewer Cains & Co into the business it will operate 109 pubs. Cains, which was established in Liverpool in the 1850s, brews its own brands of beer but the vast majority of its turnover comes from brewing and canning beers under contract for 10 supermarkets and major wholesalers. It also provides canning services for 10 other customers. Read more 'Honeycombe Leisure'

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Burst Media

Burst did itself no favours by issuing a profit warning just months after floating at 82p a share on Aim in April 2006. Read more 'Burst Media'

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Pixel Interactive Media

Average revenue per advertiser increased 8% last year. Pixel added 122 new advertisers in 2006. Read more 'Pixel Interactive Media'

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Upstream Marketing and Communications Inc

Upstream is run by David Ketchum who has more than two decades experience in marketing and communications. Prior to founding Upstream in 2000, he worked for Hill & Knowlton, Burston-Marstellar and Calvin Klein. Read more 'Upstream Marketing and Communications Inc'

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Univision Engineering

UniVision is expected to have increased turnover from £3.89m to more than £7m in the 12 months to March 2007. Read more 'Univision Engineering'



Product development has progressed well but revenues have been hard to come by. However, there are signs that business is starting to come through. Read more 'Servision'

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In hindsight the share price got ahead of itself following Eleksen’s reversal into Bora Communications in May 2005. Read more 'Eleksen'

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Lighthouse was worth less than £20m before its deal with Liverpool Victoria, which is outsourcing its IFA operations to the company. Since then the shares have soared taking Lighthouse out of the ‘micro’ category but it is still worth a look. Read more 'Lighthouse'

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Diamond Lifestyle

The process of buying a council home can take up to nine months and that is why some mainstream lenders aren’t interested in the business. Read more 'Diamond Lifestyle'

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SovGem is confident about finding more good Chinese investments. It relies on advisers to do the due diligence and then present it with opportunities. So far it has invested in 19 companies introduced by nine different brokers. Read more 'Sovgem'

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Rheochem’s drilling fluids business continues to win additional contracts. This is a $4bn market and Rheochem is tiny in comparison to its main rivals such as Halliburton and Schlumberger. Read more 'Rheochem'

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