March 2007

New era for the micro majority


New era for the micro majority

This is the first edition of Aim Micro which is a new publication designed to cover, and inform, small companies on Aim. Read more

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Pavilion finds its insurance niche

Pavilion offers niche domestic insurance products to consumers. Products include Cycleguard (for bicycles), Musicguard (for musical instruments), Ochestralguard (for orchestral equipment), Photoguard (for photography equipment), Tackleguard (for fishing rods) and Gizmoguard (for ipods and other electronic gadgets). Read more 'Pavilion finds its insurance niche'

Tags: pavilion insurance, insurance


Aim IR websites

Aim companies now know when they have to comply with new regulations concerning websites. They have until 20 August 2007 to make sure that they have a website and it includes all the relevant financial information. Read more 'Aim IR websites'

Tags: ir websites, investor relations, rule 26

Mopping up small stakes

Some small companies can have thousands of shareholders. While that may not sound bad it does not necessarily mean that the liquidity of the shares is good. Servicing these shareholders is costly and many may have tiny shareholdings which aren’t worth much. If that is the case then companies’ need to try and rectify the situation. Read more 'Mopping up small stakes'

Tags: shareholders, tenders, consolidation



Cantono, which was previously known as Hamsard, tried to do too many things and this led to it getting into financial difficulties. Read more 'Cantono'

Tags: cantono, synatra, technology


Prologic is changing its model in order to generate more consultancy revenues. The consultancy will add revenues earlier in the process and help Prologic win the contract to supply software. The focus will continue to be on the UK fashion and accessories sector. Read more 'Prologic'

Tags: prologic, technology


According to a trading statement issued at the beginning of 2007, the two newer parts of the group, Nika and MicReD, traded above expectations. Read more 'Flomerics'

Tags: flomerics, technology


Widney has put its cab making business into administration following the loss of its major customer and poor trading. Widney Cabs makes cabs for agricultural and construction vehicles. Read more 'Widney'

Tags: agricultural, construction, vehicle


Losing the custom of Goldenfry will hit the group’s paperboard division in 2007. Read more 'Robinson'

Tags: plastic, packaging


CEPS acquired an 80% stake in Sunline Direct Mail for £3.8m. This is classed as a reverse takeover. Read more 'CEPS'

Tags: investment, dinkie heel, shoe, horse matting

Claimar Care

Claimar Care grew turnover by 61% to £13.2m in the year to September 2006. Read more 'Claimar Care'

Tags: healthcare

Cobra Bio-manufacturing

Cobra disappointed the market three years ago when expected orders didn’t convert into revenues. Read more 'Cobra Bio-manufacturing'

Tags: bio-manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals

Premier Bionics International

Traditionally surgeons train on cadavers but these are becoming harder to get. This provides an opportunity for Premier Bionics which offers simulators that can be used instead. Read more 'Premier Bionics International'

Tags: medical, training, simulator

Conroy Diamonds & Gold

After a decade of exploration Conroy has revealed its first indicated gold resource in Ireland. It says that the Clontibret gold deposit has an indicated resource of 64,000 ounces of gold. There is an inferred resource of 500,000 ounces of gold. Read more 'Conroy Diamonds & Gold'

Tags: diamond, gold

Kalahari Minerals

Kalahari Minerals has spun off its uranium interests into fellow uranium explorer Extract Resources Ltd. Read more 'Kalahari Minerals'

Tags: metal, gold, copper, lead, zinc, uranium

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