Summer 2008

No sign of the tough times coming to an end


No sign of the tough times coming to an end

It has been a tough summer for Aim with share prices slumping in July. Read more




Westminster Group

Banbury-based Westminster Group supplies security, defence, fire and safety products and systems. These include pipeline security systems, explosives detection, surveillance systems, diver detection, border security, covert tracking, blast protection, fire detection systems, emergency lighting, nursecall systems and flood detection systems. Read more 'Westminster Group'

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EBTM is an online music-based fashion retailer and wholesaler. The website was launched in July 2005. Read more 'EBTM'

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Avesco Group

Avesco Group provides equipment and services for sporting events, corporate presentations, entertainment and broadcast markets. Read more 'Avesco Group'

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Ten considerations before cancelling an Aim quotation

More companies decided to drop their Aim quotation in the first seven months of 2008 than for the whole of 2007. Read more 'Ten considerations before cancelling an Aim quotation'

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How patience paid off for ASOS

Online fashion retailer ASOS is an undoubted success story for Aim. The shares are trading at more than 17 times their flotation level and the business has gone from barely more than a concept to a thriving, well known retailer that is second to Next in the online women’s fashion market. Read more 'How patience paid off for ASOS'

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Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines designs integrated software and digital camera technology that tracks human movement and facial reactions. Read more 'Seeing Machines'

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