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  • BY: Andrew Hore |
  • POSTED: 28/03/2012 |

Kestrel Opportunities Fund, a cell of Guernsey Portfolios PCC Ltd, is increasing its stake in IPTV technology firm ANT and it currently owns 9.57%.

At 22p a share, ANT is valued at £5.34m. Kestrel bought its first shares in ANT on 31 January.

The strategy of Kestrel is to acquire significant stakes in small quoted companies when their share prices are low and then to try to help the companyís directors to improve the performance of the business. Kestrel is listed on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

Paul Egerton-Vernon, the chairman of the trust set up to run Blackburn Rovers FC prior to its sale to Venkyís, and Patrick Firth, chairman of Guernsey Investment Funds Association, are both shareholders in Kestrel as well as being directors of the overall fund. Former Bridgewell director Ben Money-Coutts is another director of the overall fund.

Kestrel has been buying shares in ANTís IPTV technology rival Amino Technologies and it has a 7.24% stake.

Kestrel owns a 6.67% stake in shell company Renovo, which recently switched from the Main Market to Aim, 9.01% of Eckoh, 11.09% of Nasstar, 5.03% of GB Group, 3.02% of IDOX and 4.93% of KBC Advanced Technologies, where Oliver Scott a founding partner of Kestrel is a non-executive director.

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