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Premier begins to regain credibility

  • BY: Andrew Hore |
  • POSTED: 26/06/2007 |

Shopping at work company Premier Direct is back in profit following its slump into loss in the year to July 2006. 

It reported a £671,000 pre-amortisation profi t in the six months to January 2007. The group’s distributors have been reorganised with the 20 best distributors overseeing the others in their region instead of managers from head office. More products are being sourced through Findel. The Oriflame UK cosmetics sales business, which was bought last year for £2 plus a percentage of sales over the next three years, is profitable. Oriflame-at-work, the cosmetics equivalent of the core business, is being piloted. Distributors leave a display of cosmetics products at offices and schools before coming back to take orders.

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