Bioganix runs plants that treat waste and turn it into compost. It floated on Aim on 28 April 2006, when it raised £3.05m gross at 120p a share. Its plants process category 3 waste. That is material fit for human consumption including parts of slaughtered animals, blood, milk, fish and catering waste. Bioganix uses technology that is already developed but the management has expertise in designing and operating the plant. It consists of rotating cylindrical steel drums, which can take a load of up to 150 tonnes. There is one revolution every 10 minutes. The aerating and mixing of the waste helps with its physical degradation. It is in the drums for between two and four days. It is then checked to make sure that all particles are less then 12mm and placed in another vessel and kept above 70degreesC for one hour to kill all pathogens. The resulting compost can then be sold. Bioganix has plants in Wharton in Hertfordshire and Parham in Suffolk. Another will be opened at Sharpness Docks in Gloucester on land owned by British Waterways.

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