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Israel-based Medgenics Inc is a biopharmaceutical company, which has developed a technology that could replace regular injections as a treatment for various ailments. This is described by the company as a biological Biopump. A skin biopsy is taken from a patient and processed for two weeks in order for it to produce the required protein. It is then put back in the body, under the skin. This can provide a sustained dose of the required treatment which can last for weeks or months. The first product is called EPODURE, because it produces EPO (erythro-protein) to treat anaemia. The second product in development is INFRADURE, which is designed for the production and sustained delivery of interferon-alpha for the treatment of hepatitis C. Medgenics joined Aim on 4 December 2007 when it raised £3.276m at 10p a share.

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