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Nviro Cleantech raised £7.5m at 63p a share when it joined Aim on 6 August 2007. Although £970,000 of that went on costs the rest will be used to develop a range of clean technologies that the company has acquired the rights to. Isle of Man-registered Nviro has positioned itself to fill the gap in funding after grant funds. It has looked at more than 70 technologies since it was established in October 2007 and narrowed that down to the five technologies it has in its portfolio. Nviro always acquires the exclusive worldwide rights to the technologies for a specific market through a subsidiary which also owns the result of any additional development work. The two technologies that have progressed furthest are Vertus RTP and Microrelease. Vertus RTP has developed a technology that can be used to clean up coal. It takes out contaminants such as sulphur dioxide, chlorine and lead. A pilot plant is up and running in Hungary. The Vertus technology can also be used for pre-treating rice husks and other potential biomass fuels. Microrelease has developed a way of recycling MDF board using microwave processing. The MDF could come from demolition or furniture manufacturers, which have a lot of waste in the production process. The reclaimed wood fibre can be used for insulation, road surfacing or cement reinforcement. The three other technologies are Carbon Co-burner, a carbon ignition technology, Laseair, a laser-based technology which could be used for air decontamination, and 65%-owned Organotect, a portable hazardous chemical detection system.

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