Motion capture software supplier OMG’s core business has been supplying systems to the entertainment special effects, healthcare and industrial sectors. The company floated on Aim on 10 April 2001 at 75p a share. OMG has moved into two new areas - geospatial vision and unmanned aerial vehicles. Geospatial vision involves capturing visual data about the road network for local authorities. When roads maintenance is outsourced the local authorities have a visual log of the state of the road and where lampposts and other objects are. OMG’s technology enables this to be done by attaching cameras to a van and driving round the roads. The cameras are in different positions on the van so a 3D representation of the area can be generated within a short time. The military is investing an increasing amount in unmanned aerial vehicles and OMG’s motion capture technology can be used to improve the quality of visual information from the UAV.

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