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Sabien Technology develops products that improve the efficiency of boilers and air conditioning units. Sabien joined Aim on 20 December 2006 when it raised 3.2m at 50p a share. There was also a loan note issue that raised 800,000. The M2G improves boiler efficiency and reduces energy wastage. Boilers tend to turn on and off more than is necessarily. If the M2G is fitted to the boiler the unnecessary energy use is stopped. Sabien claims that gas consumption can be cut by between 10% and 25% and the payback period from the investment should be less than two years. The M3G is an electronic memory-based control unit which is used to evaluate the inefficiencies of air conditioning. It assesses the temperatures and after this assessment time it determines the most efficient use of the air conditioning compressor. Air conditioning can account for up to half of electricity consumption in a building. The M3G should also extend the lifetime of the compressor through its lower usage.

Sector: Cleantech

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