London-based Safeland is a property investor and trader. It is also building up a fund management business in order to generate a more stable income stream. Safeland was prompted to transfer to Aim on 11 October 2006 because the main market rules had made it send out a document and convene an extraordinary general meeting in order to accept a bid for Bizspace, which it had spun off onto Aim in July 2000. Due to the size of the Bizspace investment relative to Safelandā€˜s asset value at the time, the sale of the stake constituted a class 1 transaction for the purposes of the main market listing rules. It would not have required a meeting if Safeland had been on Aim at the time. Safeland has spun off a number of companies onto Aim since it started. They include Hercules Insurance Services, Safestore and Leo Insurance Services.

Sector: Property

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