Volvere is an investment company that acquires underperforming businesses in order to turnaround their performance. It floated on Aim on 24 December 2002 at 100p a share and bought Vectra from Amey in May 2003 for £2m. It sold Vectra to ARCADIS in 2007 for £6m gross. In 2006 Volvere acquired former safety syringe developer NMT in order to get hold of its cash and improve the liquidity of the Volvere shares. Volvere still operates a surveillance technology business under the Sira name - having sold off the rest of the Sira businesses for 8.6m in July 2009. Volvere also owns 50% of email database owner IPT. Volvere has convertible shares whose conversion price changes to give their holders the benefit of 15% of the overall growth in the company's market capitalisation, which has been adjusted for the issue of shares for NMT. The shares were designed as a management incentive. The dilutive nature of the resulting share issue depends on the growth in the share price from the base share price, adjusted for the NMT share issue, of around 128p.

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