Zetar is a confectionery and snacks supplier. It started life as a shell and joined Aim on 6 January 2005 when it raised 750,000 at 100p a share. In April 2005, Zetar acquired confectionery company Kinnertons for 32.1m and raised 10.25m at 200p a share. In March 2006, dried fruit and nuts supplier Readifoods was acquired for 4.2m and a further 2.38m raised at 350p a share. Snacks supplier Humdinger was bought for up to 12.975m in July 2006 and there was a concomitant fund raisng of 11.2m at 400p a share. Chocolate and yoghurt covered fruit and nuts products supplier Salamanda was acquired for up to 2.25m in October 2006. Ireland-based confectionery maker Lir was acquired in December 2007 for 3.3m and at the same time 4m was raised at 560p a share. Low fat biscuits and crisps maker Britannia Biscuits Company, which was acquired in May 2007 for 4.7m, was sold in May 2009 for 2.68m payable over three years.

Sector: Food

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