Mobile Tornado

From: Blinded by numbers, first published in March 2008.

Mobile Tornado was formed when the company of the same name reversed into Aim-quoted shell TMT Group, in an all share deal that also involved a placing raising £3.25m gross (£2.64m net) at 16p a share. (The original shell floated on 16 July 2004 at 32p a share.) The company generates revenues from software and services it provides to mobile telecoms companies. Its speciality is instant messaging products such as push to talk, push to video and presence-based messaging. Read more 'Mobile Tornado'


From: Blinded by numbers, first published in March 2008.

Guildford-based Mobestar was formed in 2004 and between then and the beginning of 2008 it raised £5.4m to develop its mobile technology. Product development is carried out in Bristol. It offers hosted services over mobile phones that can generate revenues for businesses. Mobestar’s products can be used on more than 9,000 different handsets and it can handle billing, different payment methods and messaging services. The individual products are broadly standardised but its main product is Mdate, a mobile dating product, and this is where the initial revenues will come from. Another product is Mspace, which is a mobile equivalent of MySpace. Mobestar prefers a model where it shares the revenues with its customer but some of the larger clients prefer a licence model. Read more 'Mobestar'


From: Blinded by numbers, first published in August 2007.

Like many technology companies AxisMobile appears to have numerous opportunities but its finances are limited. It has signed up new customers this year but it will take time for the revenues to come through. Read more 'AxisMobile'

Blue Star Mobile

From: Blinded by numbers, first published in August 2007.

Blue Star Mobile swung from a loss of £65,000 to a profit of £101,000 in the year to March 2007 as its turnover moved ahead from £3.06m to £4.43m. The first half of the financial year benefited from the 2006 football World Cup. Most of the annual growth came from the mobile branding and promotions operations and that should continue this year. Read more 'Blue Star Mobile'

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