Winter 2009

Blinded by numbers


Blinded by numbers

A few years ago Aim and many others were crowing when the number of companies on Aim reached 1,000. Read more




African Medical Investments

Isle of Man-registered African Medical Investments raised 5.1m at 10p a share when it joined Aim on 27 June 2008, which valued the company at 5.6m. Read more 'African Medical Investments'

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Imaginatik provides collaborative software and consultancy for innovation management and problem solving. The core software product is called Idea Central. Read more 'Imaginatik'

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Bright Things

Bright Things has wound down its original interactive DVD business and is concentrating on social networks maker SocialGo. Read more 'Bright Things'



Diamonds lose their polish

Falling diamond prices are making many small diamond mines uneconomic and things are expected to get worse before they get better. Diamonds used to be very different from other minerals. They did not suffer from the cycles where prices soared and then slumped. Diamonds would steadily rise in price over the years. The risk was all in the exploration side where it can take many millions of pounds to find and develop a mine. Read more 'Diamonds lose their polish'

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Fund set up to provide investment for small Aim companies

At last there is some good news for small, soundly based companies. Aim broker Alexander David Securities Group has launched a new EIS Fund, which will focus its investments on existing Aim companies that require cash to help them to grow their business. Read more 'Fund set up to provide investment for small Aim companies'




China-based solar cells and modules manufacturer Jetion was founded in December 2004 and it has been making profits since 2006. Read more 'Jetion'

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